Education FCCP: Workshop FCCP logistic concept

The plan for the city specific FCCP logistic concept consists of:

  • Definition
  • Design
  • Preparatory process
  • Implementation process
  • Evaluation and improvement

Composed a workshop the process as a whole is a succession of three workshops. The first is the preparatory pre workshop and can be followed online. This explains the entire process and what needs to be done in the preparatory assignment.

For each workshop we go through four steps as in a PDCA cycle:

  1. Study: collecting and sharing knowledge
  2. Define: defining the beginning and end point of development
  3. Develop: drawing up the development plan
  4. Reflect: reflecting on the outcome of the development plan

In the preparatory assignment you make a first version of the development plan. You will take this plan and your own reflection on it with you to the workshop. In this second workshop, the first step is to study by synchronizing: seeing what everyone has come up with and how this fits into the theoretical framework.

This way we learn what is good and what can be improved. Here we redefine the begin and end point of the development and we draw up a new development plan. what we present to each other again.

After the workshop you can put the plans into practice.

It is important to form a learning community in order to be able to meet each other later in a post workshop. The third post workshop goes through the same process as the workshop itself.

Below is the cyclic process.

Workshops process

Documents (restricted area)

  • Workshop manual: link
  • Workshop presentation: link
  • Study
    • Generic Urban Logistics: link
    • FCCP urban logistics: link
    • Examples of results and good practices: link